Safeguarding your online content and websites has never been easier

Register and protect your online content and websites, prevent theft and plagiarism. Automatic monitoring of your pages allows you to share your ideas and work safely while protecting your intellectual property.

What We do


It takes less than 5 (five) minutes to register and protect your website. Simply verify your website ownership and add our badge to the pages you would like to protect. It's that easy!

You will receive an official certificate for each protected page so you could let people know your content is protected and you are verified by to deter potential thieves away.

Protect your website content for free with our protection badges. Our secure system constantly monitors and protects your valuable content from theft and copyright infringement.

Find out the important information about the domain name, when it was registered, and who owns and hosts it in the event your content gets stolen with our easy to use tools it.

Our system uses the 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the data flow between you and our servers, and meets all high-authority rules over privacy and security measures on the internet.

Thousands of happy clients around the world use our services to monitor their websites to ensure their intellectual property is protected and not used without permission.

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